The goal this year is to offer a culminating week-long outdoor experience in early June for every 8th grade student (approximately 115 students). In supervised groups of 8-12, students will spend 5 days/4 nights either backpacking or camping along the WA coast or Cascade mountain range.

In preparation, all students will participate in several “field days” throughout the year during which applicable skills are taught and practiced. Core classes such as Math, Science, WA State History, English, Health, and PE will reinforce connections between classroom curriculum and outdoor experiences. ASB and individual students will participate in fundraising and other aspects of program planning, equipment inventory, etc.

Over time, the program has secured basic equipment (tents, backpacks, sleeping pads, camp stoves, and individual cooking pots) to outfit approximately 45 students. In addition to the cost of permitting and camping fees and a journal for each student, we are requesting funds to purchase new equipment (and replacement items) so every 8th grader is able to participate.

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