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Nearly $45,000 in classroom grants were distributed by the South Whidbey Schools Foundation for the 2019/20 School Year

Thanks to our generous community supporters, nearly $45,000 in classroom grants and professional  were awarded to South Whidbey teachers, plus another $17,000 was used to initiate fast response funding at each school site. This was especially important as schools moved to online learning during the pandemic crisis. As we enter a new school year, we stand ready to assist the teachers and school district in so far as our funds permit.  We are especially focused on helping teachers adapt to this new style of online learning.
















TEACHERS: Our new 2019/2020 Google Docs Grant Application is now available.

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2019/2020 South Whidbey Schools Foundation Funded Classroom Grants
















2018/2019 South Whidbey Schools Foundation Funded Classroom Grants


2017/2018 South Whidbey Schools Foundation Funded Classroom Grants


2016/2017 Classroom Grants

Sharla Matthews Sound & Light SWES 1st $1,169 $1,169  
Bruce Callahan Whale Watching Boat Adventure SWES 5th $1,500 $1,500  
Monique Mangin Sensory Light Board SWHS 9-12 $500 $500  
John LaVassar Mr. Good, Mad, Fun Science SWES 5th $1,400   $1,400
John LaVassar School-Wide Salmon Project SWES 5th $1,200   $1,200
Chris Harshman Band Clinicians LMS 6-8 $2,500 $500 $2,000
Mandy Jones Sensory Water Table SWHS 9-12 $1,500 $1,500  
Jeff Greene Musical/Drama SWHS 9-12 $1,500 $1,500  
Jeff Greene Yearbook/Photo Journalism SWHS 9-12 $1,050 $1,050  
Kathryn O’Brien Climate Arts Project All Schools K-12 $2,800 $2,500  
Michele Zisette Focused Space for All SWES 1st $439 $439  
Jean Cravy Bringing Learning to Life SWA 5-6 $2,000 $2,000  
Nels Bergquist 8th Grade Adventure Education LMS 8th $10,000 $3,000  
Don Zisette 8th Grade Inventions LMS 8th $790 $790  
Chris Harshman Link-up – Orchestra Rocks All Schools 5-12 $3,000 $3,000  
Valerie Brown MakerSpace STEM Kits 2016 SWES K-5 $750   $750
  $32,098 $19,448 $5,350

In addition, these off-cycle grants were added for a total funding of $27,048:

1) “Ukuleles in the Classroom”  $150 to purchase four ukuleles, by Debra Davies Vogel, first grade.  This project seeks to integrate “Ukuleles in the Classroom” strategies and lessons to enhance students’ attention, engagement, enjoyment, learning, and retention of knowledge and skills.

2) “Music (Ukuleles) in the Classroom to Increase Attention, Engagement and Learning, $300 to purchase 8 ukuleles, by Tere Baker, SWES Special Education and General Ed K-4.This project seeks to integrate “Ukeles in the Classroom” strategies and lessons to enhance students’ attention, engagement, enjoyment, learning, and retention of knowledge and skills, and to provide an additional tool for dealing with challenging behaviors & self-regulation issues by helping interrupt building frustrations, helping re-set after escalated episodes, and providing a positive reinforcement tool with students with whom it may be helpful.

3) “Healthy Eating in Different Cultures  $800 to pay for speakers and ingredients for the program, by Susan Milan, seventh grade. In the ‘Healthy Eating in Different Cultures’ project, presenters from a variety of countries will visit the Health and Wellness class to share what healthy eating looks and tastes like in their culture. In the 2016-17 school year, presenters from Japan, Russia and Lebanon have shared their cultures in 10 classes. This grant secures funding to continue this program in the 2017-18 school year.

4) “Guitars in the Classroom- Music integration training for teachers K-12”  $2,700 for two phases of guitar lessons for educators seeking to integrate the “Guitars/Ukuleles in the Classroom” curriculum into their classes.This project starts in June 2017, by providing additional training for those educators that have already taken the beginner program, at a cost of $1000.  The second phases will occur in September 2017, when the beginner course for the curriculum will be offered to all South Whidbey School District educators, at a cost of $1700.