South Whidbey Schools Foundation

Grant Details, Requirements and Expectations

The Foundation welcomes grant applications for the 2021-22 school year beginning Sept. 1, 2021.

We encourage any educators in the SWSD to submit applications that meet the following criteria;

• Applicant must be employed by the South Whidbey School District.

• Applicant must explicitly connect the goals of the project with the goals of the district.

• Successful grant recipients must commit to a final grant report at the conclusion of the project. Report styles may vary with project type, but we encourage a visual component, such as a video, slide show presentation, image board, etc. Applicant must commit to this requirement. Failure to submit a final grant report is grounds for denial of future grant requests.

• The maximum funding for independent grant requests is $1,500.

• The maximum funding for collaborative grant requests (those that involve multiple grade levels and/or multiple campuses) is $10,000.

• Applicant must attest that South Whidbey School District funds were sought but are unavailable.

• Applicant must attest that principal approval was obtained.

• Applicant may seek funding for materials, books, software, supplies, reference materials, equipment, consultants, speakers, presenters, and professional development related to the project. Please confirm
transportation estimates with the District prior to grant submission.

• Applicant may not seek funding for salaries or stipends.

• Cost increases of a nominal amount after grant approval can be accommodated, however communication with the Foundation is prudent.

We look forward to receiving your complete and thorough grant application!

Thank you so much for your dedication and commitment to education and our
students!  Questions can be directed to

Please click this link for the online grant request form:

For an overview to help you prepare the online form, click on this downloadable PDF Form:

2021-22 Supporting Grant Instructions

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