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Rain Suits for Kindergarteners and First-Graders

Outdoor Rain Gear for Kindergarten and First Graders
Amount Requested: $1,155
Submitted by teacher Linda Moore
20 Sets of RAIN SUITS for children of families who cannot afford them.  $739.25
Each Suit Costs $33.26
20 sets of RAIN BOOTS for families who cannot afford them: $359.80
Children’s WOOL SOCKS: 20 pairs for families who can’t afford them:  $55.96
For the 2022-2023 school year, we are creating a Kindergarten and 1st grade integrated experience for our students, with a  focus on nature and place-based learning – around our theme of “Farm, Forest and Sea School.”
Our focus on creating a strong, ongoing nature based program is developmentally appropriate and grounded in research which shows when children have time to play and explore in an outdoor setting with natural materials they develop their executive functioning and empathy skills.
Our year long plan includes:
Fall – Focus on our farms:  Students will engage in work on our school farm and visit other local farms, engaging in hands on science and math activities.
Winter – Focus on our Forest:  Students will engage in weekly forest walks on our school trails for science and math experiences focused on habitat, and will also participate in a program in January with State Park Rangers at South Whidbey State Park.
Spring – Focus on our Sea:  Students will spend time at various beaches on South Whidbey – working with local experts from the Orca Network, Whidbey Watershed Stewards and Sound Water Stewards.
Each of these learning experiences will serve as “launching pads” for follow up learning in the classroom that will integrate literacy activities, art and music.
We also know that to have a strong and consistent program – children must have the proper gear to learn outside and be warm, dry and comfortable.  Our teachers indicate that one of the biggest barriers to building a strong outdoor program really comes down to ALL children having proper gear.  Unfortunately, the cost of rain suits and boots are a barrier for many of our families.  As our K-1st grade teachers work together to bring to life this vision – having the right gear, stored at school and available everyday is key. We should get several years worth of use from this clothing.
Can you help with either a flat donation, or a purchase of one or more outfits?

Rain Gear for Kindergarterners and First-Graders

20 Sets of Rain Suits for families who cannot afford them. $57.75 apiece
  • Price: $57.75
  • $0.00

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