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Our hearts go out to you, our supporters, and to our community, state, nation and the world as we acknowledge this unsettling and evolving situation.

By working together in solidarity we believe we can support the best possible outcome.

We remain connected with SW School District leaders and are eager to provide what assistance we can.

For now though, for those wanting to help our local community in a monetary way, we are recommending a donation to the Whidbey Community Foundation at www.whidbeyfoundation.org which has created a Resilience Fund to help the many non-profits under its umbrella who serve our community’s neediest members.

And of course, a donation to Good Cheer Food Bank is always helpful. www.GoodCheer.org/donate

Thank you for your care and concern. We wish you health and safety.

Shelly Ackerman, SWSF Board President