Library Books

Help us update the library books in our three school campus libraries. Librarians Sue Ann Brewer and Val Brown explain why your donations can make a real difference in the education of our students… and encourage a lifelong love of reading.

A library collection is like a garden.  It needs constant weeding and feeding to give our students the resources to support their learning and independent reading. 

The elementary collection averages 20 years and the secondary library averages  21 years.  As our collection ages we are not able to replace books at the rate we discard dated and worn books.  

Sturdy library-quality books average $25 per book. To see some of the books that the Library Specialists would like to purchase, click here.

Please select how many books you would like to have purchased with your donations. You may also make a specific donation.

Watch the video for a more detailed explanation of this grant.