Thanks to Holmes Harbor Rod & Gun Club for adopting the “Salmon in the Classroom” project at the SW Elementary School.

Steve Mooney of the HHR&GC presented 5th grade teacher John LaVassar with a $1,200 check while fellow teacher Bruce Callahan, student classroom salmon ambassador Macie Vandewerfhorst, and SWSF Board members Chris Gibson, Bob Wiley and Jean Shaw looked on.

This is the third classroom grant adopted by local clubs, businesses and individuals. Salmon in the classroom is a school-wide (K-5) project where students from all grade levels share in raising salmon at the elementary school. K-5 students will observe and record the amazing transformation of the developing salmon from egg, to alevin, to fry.

The goal of the project is to increase student awareness of how salmon are an indicator species of watershed health and how students can positively impact their local ecosystem by becoming stewards of their environment.

If you are interested in adopting a classroom grant, please contact either Chris Gibson or Bob Wiley.